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My journey towards tour guiding began when I was of very young age. When I was eight years old, I used to accompany my father to take tourists for sightseeing at our famous temples and shrines along with my education. I would listen very closely & carefully to my father’s words and learned about our cultural history. At the age of eleven years, I started to run my own tours at our Seva Kunj temple. Tourists would pay me five rupees in return. Slowly, my reward went from five to ten rupees, and ten to fifty rupees and go on. Along with tourism, I also went to school, as I studied Commerce in college. One day, I met an Australian family who came to visit Vrindavan. They loved my service, and encouraged me to learn English. Not only that, they offered to pay my tuition for tutoring sessions in vrindavan and as well as online. With their help, I am now fluent in English and it has advanced the quality of my services. I can speak English, Hindi and Bangali. I later began to advertise in hotels, so that the tourists that stayed there would come to me for sightseeing activities. As my touring services became more popular, I was offered an opportunity to work for a tourism company.

I hold tours to several famous places all around India, such as Agra, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Delhi and kerala. My goal is to become an honest and successful tour guide. I strive to assure that each and every one of my tourists leave with a sense of appreciation and understanding of our unique culture. Every Year i offer my tourist service approximately 20-25 thousands persons including Indians and Rest of the World. Being Brahmin i also know vedas, astrology, yagya seva, Hawan Seva. These All helps to get rid of the life problems which comes and creates obtructions in your family or on you.

 "राधा मेरी स्वामिनी, मैं राधे जू को दास "
 "जनम जनम मोहि दीजियो, श्री वृन्दावन वास "

Guide fee per day for 8 hours is Rs. 1500/-.
Extra charges are Rs. 300/- per hour.
Vrindavan Guide
Vrindavan Guide
Ashu Sharma
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Holi Gali, Near Kishore Pura

Sakhar Sindhi Dharmashala Ke Aage

Vrindavan - 281121

Email: ashusharmaoct0@gmail.com

Phone: 9837127949, 7895895914

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