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Chandra Sarovar, Girraj Ji

Parasauli village lies about one-and-a-quarter miles south-east of Govardhana Town in the lowlands of Govardhana. This is the place of the spring Raas Leela of Krishna and His beloved gopis. This raas continued for an entire night of Brahma. The moon in the sky had become stunned upon seeing this raas leela and remained in the one place for the duration of the entire night. Because this raas leela took place in the light of a brilliant full moon, this place is also called Chandra Sarovar. “the lake of the moon”. In the south-western corner of the Sarovar is the Shringar Temple where Krishna decorated Shri Radharani. 

Near the Sarovar under a chakora tree is the sitting-place of Shri Vallabhacharya. The Kunda and samadhi of Surdas, known simply as Sur-kund and Sur-samädhi, are also in this area. 

Surdas was a natural poet. His collection of poems is famous as Sur-sagar or Sur-padavali. Although he was blind, he would compose poems that beautifully described the different outfits and decorations of Shri Nath Ji. One day, the priest did not dress Shri Nath Ji and left Him completely naked. He opened the doors of the altar and asked Surdas to describe Shri Nath’s decorations. Surdas remained silent for a few moments, but the priest insisted. Surdas laughed loudly and proceeded to sing, “Aj bhaye hari nangam nanga – today, Hari is undressed and naked.” All present were stunned to hear this. 

Surdas spent his last days in Parasauli. One day, Shri Vitthalachaya, the son of Shri Vallabhacharya, asked him, “Sur, what are you thinking about?” Surdas then composed his last song: “Khanjan nain roop ras mate, atishay charu chapal aniyare pal pinjara na samate" – Krishna’s beautiful eyes are like Khanjan birds. They are full of rasa, very restless, and slightly reddened due to intoxication. My life can no longer remain encaged in this body.” Saying this, he left his body. With tear-filled eyes, Shri Vitthalachaya said, “The boat of pushti-marga has departed today.”

In the south-eastern part of Parasauli is Sankarshan-Kunda, on whose bank is a temple of Shri Baladeva.

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