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Shri Dheer Sameer Kunj

In the Gita Govinda, the poet Jayadeva describes how Shri Krishna, adorned in forest flowers, awaits Shri Radha’s arrival in Dheer Sameer, where the soft breeze plays on the bank of the Yamuna River. 

Dheera means gentle and Sameera means wind or breeze. Once Radha and Krishna were sitting together in this Dheera-Sameera Kunja and Krishna began to blow beautiful and sweet melodies through His flute. Lord Shri Krishna’s flute was so pleasing that it captivated and intoxicated the hearts and the minds of wind of Vrindavan. On that particular day the wind was blowing very hard. But when it came to this place, hearing the sound of Krishna’s flute, the wind became very slow and graceful. It did not want to get separated from the beautiful sound of the flute of Shyamsundar. The wind want to keep floating gracefully at this place.thus this place is know as Dheera Sameera.


प्रातः काल : 07:00 प्रातः से 12:30 दोपहर

संध्याकाल : 04:30 दोपहर से 09:00 रात्रि



प्रातः काल : 08:30 प्रातः से 12:00 दोपहर

संध्याकाल आरती : 05:00 दोपहर से 09:00 रात्रि

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