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Kushal Bihari Temple

King from Rajasthan who was very much devoted to Shri Barsana Dham made this temple. He decided to build the temple dedicated to Shri Laadli Laal. After completion of construction of the temple he also wanted to place the beautiful deity of Shri Laadli Laal currently residing in Shri Radharani temple, Barsana at the temple. He built small rooms around the deity where he and his family members, ministers could stay. When it was complete, a during the time of installation of deities, bringing the deities of the little temple to this place. But the day before the installation Shri Radharani appeared to the King in a dream and told him, “The place where the little temple is situated, that is my home, and not this.” Therefore, the King built another big temple where the little temple was. The King wasn’t angry or frustrated. He realized it as a grace of Shri Radharani. So Shri Radharani and Shri Krishn continue to reside where their place is. Albeli Sarkar Ki Jai.

Kushal Bihari temple, is near to Shri Radharani temple, half kilometer from Shri Radharani temple. When you go by car, you can place your car near to Kushal Bihari temple and can go by walking to Shri Radharani temple. Gehvar Van way also goes from other side of Kushal Bihari temple

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