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Shri Maan Mandir , Barsana

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Maan means anger. This place located on the top of the Brahmagiri Parvat at Barsana, marks the Maan pastime of Sri Radharani. According to the pastime legend, once Sri Radharani was waiting for the arrival of Krishna. But Krishna was too late. Soon, Radharani’s pet parrot arrived and told her about Krishna’s meeting with a gopi called Chandrawali, which was the reason for his late arrival. That's why she got angry and performed maan.

Maangarh is a special place in Braj. Here Shyamsundar had pacified an angry mood Radha rani. He had tried to pacify her mood in many ways, sometimes puts his head on her feet, blows fan at her, sometimes shows her mirror, sometimes praying a lot, But when Radha rani doesn't get pleased with him then Shyamsundar takes help of her companions. For these pastimes held, this place has been known as 'Maan garh' . 'Maan' means getting angry/ moody. This anger is not like the disputes often happen in our world. But here, actually, Radha rani gets angry/moody only to give happiness to Shyamsundar. In 'Maan' temple, we can have a vision of "Maan Bihari". There's a verse by Govindji, in which he has written that Radha rani's anger mood started just below the peak level, and by the time Shyamsundar tries to gratify her she started climbing more upwards. When Shreeji (Radha) reached peak level, then Shyamsundar took the help of her companions. He told to Shree Lalita, Visakha and other friends that he has got tired too much, now only you people can help me. Then all the of the Sakhees(female friends) go downwards and again move upwards in order that Radha support/accept Krishn and again as Sakhees move downwards, then Shyamsundar prays them to move upwards. 

This 'Maan' temple is built upon 'Brahmgiri' hill. 'Maan' is considered as state of being angry in our material world. But 'Maan', the meaning of which is the state of being angry is one sort of divine pastime. Radharani can only show 'Maan' Leela to please Shri Krishn. Radha rani can only shower the unlimited bliss on Krishna, when Radha rani finds that Shree Krishna is longing for slavery of Radha-rani's love and desires to touch her feet, then Radha rani performs a Moody pastime only to deliver pleasures to Krishna. This is really a very wonderful pastime. Maangarh is located at Barsana in Gehvarvan.

Failing to soothe Radha’s anger Krishna went from there and performed a dance Leela by dressing himself as a peacock to please Shri Radha Rani at Morkuti (which is opposite to Maan Mandir). Maangarh is located at Barsana in Gehvarvan.

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