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Shri Meera Bai Temple

Meera Bai Temple Vrindavan

Meera bai came to Vrindavan in Year 1524 in search of Lord Krishna and His memories. She lived in Vrindavan here from 1524 to 1539. After that, she left Vrindavan and went to Dwarika to stay there until her death (Year 1550). Mirabai considers Lord Krishn as her husband. Although Rasik Saints of Vrindavan, recommends Yugal Upasna (Radha Krishn together), in the mood of Sehchari Bhava or Sakhi friend of Radharani, and Radharani is considered the very life of Rasik Saints in Vrindavan (This nectar bliss is considered to be the topmost). However, In Dwarika, Shri Krishn is worshipped as a husband.

Mirabai temple is located near to Radha-Damodar temple.


प्रातः काल : 07:00 प्रातः से 12:30 दोपहर

संध्याकाल : 04:30 दोपहर से 09:00 रात्रि



प्रातः काल : 08:30 प्रातः से 12:00 दोपहर

संध्याकाल आरती : 05:00 दोपहर से 09:00 रात्रि

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