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Shri Morkuti Darshan, Barsana

This is one of the most important temples to visit during ‘Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra.’ At this location Lord Krishna became a peacock and dance for Radha Rani.

यह वह स्थान है जहाँ श्री कृष्ण भगवान ने मोर का रूप धर के नृत्य किया था श्री राधा रानी के लिए !!

Morkuti barsana
Morkuti barsana
Morkuti Barsana

Mayur kuti (Mor Kuti) is situated just after the upper segment of Daan-garh near Gehvar Van, Barsana. Various divine pastimes were performed here. According to the pastime legend, Once Radharani performed Maan Leela at Maangarh which is just opposite to Morkuti. Krishna tried to break Shri Radha’s 'maan' in many ways but he failed. Failing to soothe Shri Radha's Maan, Ultimately, Shri Krishn performed a dance Leela by dressing himself as a peacock to please Shri Radha Rani and Shri Radharani broke her 'maan'. Getting attracted with this wonderful peacock, Shri Radha started telling that- oh peacock! My beloved is also performing such dances. Hearing this, Shri Krishn leaving his peacock form told - "I am only yours beloved". And both got ecstatic and got divine union and both too performed peacock-dance. 

One more divine pastime also is that the peacocks from Gahavarvan come here then Shree Radha claims some of peacocks to be her and to some, shree Krishn claims to be his peacocks. Fierce rivalry held between them, whose peacock will dance better? Shree-Radha makes her peacocks dancing and Lord Krishn also makes her peacocks dancing. In this way, many divine peacock pastimes were performed in Mayur-kuti.

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