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Mukharbind Darshan Goverdhan


Shreeji lives in Vraj at Mathura on Giriraj Govardhan. There is His Mukharvind mandir at the base of the Giriraj, the place of His Pragatya.

This Govardhan Shila is also known as the Shringar Sthali – The Mukharvind of Giriraj Govardhan; according to the Vallabh Sampraday. Annakut Pujan is held here every year. Hundreds of bhakts visit daily and worship with milk and flowers etc. Many begin their parikrama of Giriraj Govardhan from this point.

This Sthal is very very Alive with the Divine vibrations and energy. 

Shreeji does Shayan here for six months every year. (Vasant Panchmi to Dassehra).

जतीपुरा में श्रीगिर्राज का 'मुखारविन्द' है। 'श्याम', 'ढाक', 'हरजी कुण्ड', 'ताजबीबी का चबूतरा', 'गोविन्द स्वामी की कदम्बखण्डी', 'बिलछू कुण्ड' जहाँ लीलास्थल है, वहीं वल्लभ सम्प्रदायभक्तों के ऐतिहासिक स्थान भी हैं।

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