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Nandgao Mahal Darshan


According to Hindu texts, Nandgaon was the home of Lord Krishna where he resided for nine years and 50 days along with his Foster father Nanda Baba and mother Yashoda. Nanda Baba, the village chieftain, built the house atop a large hill to protect Lord Krishna from demons sent by King Kamsa. Nanda Maharaja and other gwalas decided to move here from Gokula because of the turbulence caused by demons that were trying to kill Krishna.

नंदगाव श्री कृष्ण भगवान की जन्मस्थली माना जाता है जाह यशोदा मैया एवं नन्द बाबा का घर आज भी है जिसे नन्द महल कहते है !

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