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Prem Sarovar

Prem Sarovar Barsana 

Once, Krishna and Radharani were sitting together. A bee zoomed near Radharani menacingly. Krishna asked a Gopa friend to chase it away. When the friend drove the bee away and returned, he said, “Madhu is gone.” Madhu means bee and is the name of Krishna as well. Radharani felt Krishna went away and she began to cry. She wept and repeatedly cried out, "Oh, Pran-nath, where have You gone? She was in Mahabhav, that she didn’t recognize that Krishna is sitting with him. Krishna tried to console her, but Seeing Radharani’s cry of separation, Krishna also forgot that She was sitting on His lap and he also began to cry, and from the mix of their tears of love, the Prem Sarovar pond emerged. When the Sakhis saw Their condition, they too became senseless. Radha Rani's female parrot began to loudly chant Shri Radha's name, and the male parrot began to loudly chant Shri Krishna's name. As They heard each other's name, Radha and Krishna regained external consciousness and gazed upon each other with great yearning. The Prem Sarovar is emerged from the tears of Separation of Yugal Sarkar, although they are together.

Prem Sarovar is located 1 km north of Barsana.

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