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Shri Saakri Khor Darshan, Barsana

Sakhri Khor

It is a narrow passage between the two hills of Brahmagiri Parvat and Vilasa Parvat which commemorates the Dana keli pastime of Lord Krishna. Sankari means narrow and Khor means a sacred place. Thus this narrow passage marks the Dana (tax) collection pastime of Lord Krishna from Gopis. Very often Gopis used to go to market to sell their milk products. When gopis used to pass through this passage while on their way to market, Krishna along with his friends would stop them and demand for tax in the form of milk, curd and other dairy products. Only after the gopis have paid enough milk products as tax, Krishna would allow them to pass-by. Sometimes when Gopis refuse to pay him tax, Krishna and his friends would break their milk pots and would share all the milk products.

साखरि-खोर ये वह स्थान है जहाँ श्री कृष्ण भगवन श्री राधा जी एवं सखियों से दूध, दही,  माखन के रूप में कर वसूली करते थे जब वह अपने अपने घर से अपना सामान बाजार में बेचने के लिए निकलती थी.

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