Priya Kund Darshan - Vrindavan Guide

October 29, 2018

Surrounding this pond are Pilu trees that produce fruits in abundance. On the pretext of collecting Pilu fruits, Shri Radharani would come here to perform varieties of playful pastimes. Shri Krishn would also come here from Nandagaon and enact many pastimes with Her. Once, during her childhood pastimes, Shri Radhika and Her sakhis went to Nandagaon to see Yashoda Mayia. Charmed by Shri Radha’s beauty and qualities, Yashoda Maiya painted Kishori Ji Shri Radha's hands yellow. Radhika's heart became very happy but, as She returned to Her father’s house in Barsana, She became quite embarrassed. She washed and scrubbed Her hands in this pond, and the pond’s water turned yellow. This pond is therefore called Peeli Pokhar, “the yellow pond”.It is also called Priya Kund. 









This Pond is located in Barsana, In between Radharani’s temple and Rangeeli Mahal, there lies a small bridge. While taking left from bridge, hardly 1 km inside, you will find Peeli Pokhar. It is very near to Rangeeli Mahal, Barsana.

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