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श्री वृन्दावन सो वन नहीं, श्री नंदगाँव सो गाँव |.

श्री बंसीवट सो वट नहीं, श्री कृष्ण नाम सो नाम ||.

Hello, my name is Ashu Sharma. I was born in Shri Dham Vrindavan, India. Vrindavan is considered one of the holiest places in India, as it was the site where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days. Being from a Brahmin family, vedic literature, religious ceremonies, and spiritual guidance has been a part of our lives for decades. I have a passion of travelling and have always found happiness and peace.

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Radhe Radhe Ji to all of you hope you are fine with the blessings of Lord Krishna & Shri RadhaRani.

With the blessings of Shri Radha Rani ji, I am going to take an initiative,

I m Ashu Sharma lives in Vrindavan, born n brought up in vrindavan dham. Near the Vrindavan Dham, there is a sacred religious place called Vanshivat , where Lord Krishna and his friends used to come from Gokul to Vrindavan for Gau Charan Leela (cow feeding) with his nine lakh cows in the dwapur yug ancient time.  Every evening, Lord Krishna used to sit on trees of banshivat and used to play his melodious flute through which all the Gopis even Lord Shiva can’t stop himself and came from kailash Parvat to see his beloved Lord Krishna, After listening the melodious voice of Lord Krishna’s flute from banshivat all the cows get gathered there. Even today 5500 years old banyan tree is present in banshivat. it has been said that so many saints and devotees have heard the voice of flute in Vanshivat so many times.

Also there were thousands of peacocks live here from the time of Lord Krishna and even today banshivat is the only sacred place which have more peacocks then anywhere else in the braj dhaam who have also witnessed the raas-leela of shri radha-krishna thakur in their ancient times.

In banshivat few years ago the atmosphere was surrounded by beautiful flowers, trees, fruit trees, then unfortunately all fruit trees were destroyed !  And similarily today many peacocks are dying every day due to lack of money, due to lack of their food, due to lack of required things for survival!

As much As possible I m doing and trying from my side to provide the fund for the requirement but still I cant find myself to be so enough to fulfill the desired requirement for the Banshivat place.

All I need is your support to save the the peacocks and make it again one beautiful place of lord Krishna. So in this phrase I want  2000 indian rupees or 40 US DOLLARS from each person per month and you are all capable by grace of Lord Krishna and Sri Radha Rani Ji for this help. I have been kept praying you all for till the time we met this is the first time if I m asking to you for something.

Your Money helps me to save the one ancient place of lord Krishna & Radha Rani and I believe in RadhaRani and Lord Krishna that they will give u more n more and will always keep you healthy & wealthy.

For tariff please contact
+91 9837127949, +91 7895895914
For Dandauti or Normal Parikrama
Shri Girraj ji
Shri Radha Kund ji
Shri Barsana Ji
Shri Vrindavan Dham
Those people who can not do Govardhan's Dandauti parikrama or normal parikrama, then we have Brahmins, they can do parikrama on behalf of you
Contact - +91 9837127949 +91 7895895914
Vrindavan Guide
Vrindavan Guide
Ashu Sharma
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Holi Gali, Near Kishore Pura

Sakhar Sindhi Dharmashala Ke Aage

Vrindavan - 281121

Email: ashusharmaoct0@gmail.com

Phone: 9837127949, 7895895914

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