Ter Kadamb

Teira means to call, and Kadamba is tree. This place has a very great significance because Shri Krishn used to call his cows standing under the Kadamb tree. Even today, Gopashtami festival is celebrated here in a very traditional way. This is also meditation site of Shri Roop Goswami. On the instructions of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Shri Roop Goswami came to Braj and started doing his Bhajan here. So this is also the Bhajan Sthali of Shri Roop Goswami. 

There is some famous incidence of his life which are as such: One day Shri Rupa Goswami wanted to prepare some sweet rice for Sanatana Goswami, but didn't have the necessary provisions for making sweet rice in his Kutir. At that time, she who brings about the fulfillment of the inner aspiration of devotees, Radha Rani, could understand everything. And so, in the dress of a young gopi girl she brought milk, rice, and sugar to Rupa Goswami, saying, "Swamiji! Swamiji! I have brought you a gift of uncooked rice. Please accept it. Hearing the words of the young girl, Shri Rupa Goswami opened the door to his hut and looked out. There he saw a beautiful young gopi maiden with some offerings of food. Accepting the offering of milk, sugar and uncooked rice, When Rupa Goswami turned around and saw that she had gone, he was very bewildered by all this. After some time, he gave the prasada to Sanatana Goswami, who had just arrived. While honoring prasada, Sanatana Goswami experienced an unusual and enchanting kind of joy. He asked Shri Rupa, "Where did you get this milk and rice from?" Rupa Goswami said, "A young gopi girl came by and gave it to me." Sanatana said, "A young girl just came by all of a sudden and gave you this milk and rice?" Rupa Goswami replied, "Yes, she just came by all of a sudden. The strange thing is, I was just thinking, 'how can I make some sweet rice for Sanatana,' and she just appeared, as if by magic, with this milk and rice and some sugar." hearing this, tears of prema began falling from the eyes of Sanatana Goswami. He said, "Can't you recognize something when it is right before your eyes? It was Shri Radha Thakurani Herself who has brought you milk and rice. By accepting service from Her we are ruined. Now we shall never attain our desired goal." And in this way, Sanatana Goswami and Roop Goswami out of extreme humbleness continually condemned himself again and again for having accepted service from that person whom he most aspired to serve: Shri Radha Thakurani. Also once remembering an instance of separation of Shri Radha Krishn, Shri Roop Goswami felt extremely distraught. When his breath touched some person, he got boils over his body. Both of these pastimes of Shri Sanatana Goswami are recorded in the Bhakti Ratnakara.

Ter Kadamb
Ter Kadamb



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