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Belman Laxmi Devi Darshan

Belman Vrindavan

Bela Vana, Braj is located on the other side of Shri Yamuna Devi, Vrindavan. Here is Shortest way to go to Belvana from Vrindavan, One can go from an unconstructed road or pull of Shri Yamuna, which connects outside of Banshivata, Dhira Samira etc and it goes to Mansarovar, Belvana etc. It is called as Bela Vana as this forest is having ample amount of bael trees at the time of divine appearance of Shree Krishn. Shree Krishn was performing different types of divine pastimes in this super attractive Bael forest(Belban) while herding cows with his companions and was tasting ripe fruits as well. It is also one among twelve main forests of Braj. Today it is the attraction of many as Goddess Laxmi temple is situated here.
Belvan is the site where Lakshmi Devi came to perform austerities to get the association of Krishna in Ras Leela, but failed due to not following in the footsteps of the Gopis.

One day Shree Laxmi got anxious to have a glimpse of Raas dance (Raas leela), after listening divine sweet Raas dance of crown of Braja, Lord Krishna and explanation of supreme fortune of Gopis(cow-herding girls) from Lord Narad. Except for the Gopis, who are the embodiment of single-mindedness love, merged in divine pure love, none is having the privilege of entering in divine Raas. Access to Raas is only possible with the grace of unlimited divine joy rendering (mahabhaao) form shree Radha and her internal potency (Swarup shakti) Gopis (Radha's associates).
So she (Laxmi) is meditating here very tough even today, despite she couldn't get access in Raas leela till date as per the belief in Vrindavan.
It is described in the 10th canto of Shreemad Bhagavatam. The wives of serpent kaliya naag praying lord Krishn tell that -'oh god! we can't understand which type of spiritual practice the serpent done that enabled him to achieve your exceptionally divine foot dust.
Your divine foot dust is so rare to achieve that your better half lord Laxmi had to do tough meditation, quitting all sort of material pleasures and following the real practices as well, still, she couldn't achieve your exceptional divine foot dust. [2] Here nearby is situated Krishna pond (Krishna kund) and meeting point of lord Ballavacharya.

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