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Shah Ji Mandir

Shah ji Temple

Shahji temple also known as Tede Khambe wala Mandir due to its exquisite spiral pillars is located near Nidhivan. The temple’s real name is Lalit Nikunj. The temple has the deities of Radha and Krishna. The deities due to their small size are also called as chhote Radha Raman. On the east end of the temple courtyard, there is a large hall called as ‘Basanti Kamra’ (Durbar Hall) adorned with Belgian Glass chandeliers and exquisite paintings depicting the loving pastimes of Lord Radha-Krishna. This room is opened only twice a year during the occasion of Basant Panchami and also has fountains in its central part. Lalit Kishori and Lalit Mohini Sevya Thakur are present here.

After moving to Vrindavan, Shri Lalit Kishori made a vow never to leave the holy land of Vrindavan, and his brother Lalit Mohini followed suit. He had so much love for the dust of Vrindavan that he found it impossible to even think of easing the call of nature upon it. So he used to pass urine and stool in pots made from Agra clay and have them couriered out of Braj for disposal.

शाह जी मन्दिर उत्तर प्रदेश की प्रसिद्ध धार्मिक नगरी मथुरा के तीर्थ स्थल वृन्दावन में स्थित है। यह मन्दिर वास्तुकला, चित्रकला तथा शानदार मूर्तिकला का अद्भुत समन्वय है।


प्रातः काल : 07:00 प्रातः से 12:30 दोपहर

संध्याकाल : 04:30 दोपहर से 09:00 रात्रि



प्रातः काल : 08:30 प्रातः से 12:00 दोपहर

संध्याकाल आरती : 05:00 दोपहर से 09:00 रात्रि

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