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Shri Radha Govind Dev Mandir

Govind Dev Ji

One day he sat on the bank of the holy river Yamuna under a tree and a very charming Vrajvasi boy approached him. This boy was beautiful, calm and quiet, and he asked Rupa Goswami why he was looking so sad. Srila Rupa Goswami’s heart was extremely attracted to this Vrajavasi. He was very much enchanted by the boy’s demeanor, by his characteristics, and by his incredible beauty. He developed complete trust in this little child, and poured out his heart. Rupa Goswami explained, “I cannot fathom the whereabouts of Govind Dev.” The boy smiled and said, “Do not be sad. Let your anxiety go away, because I know where Govind Dev is residing. Across by, there is a hill called Gomati hill. In this holy place a Surabhi cow comes and every afternoon willingly lets her milk down. Sri Govinda Dev keeps Himself hiding under the ground of this holy spot. Come I will show you.”

Then the all-attractive Vrajavasi boy personally led Srila Rupa Goswami to that holy location and then he suddenly disappeared. When the child disappeared, Rupa Goswami could understand within his heart of hearts, “The boy was Govind Dev Himself. Krishna appeared to me, but I am so ignorant, so fallen that I did not recognize my Lord. When He came before me, I did not offer Him any respect, nor did I perform any worship.” Srila Rupa Goswami fell to the ground unconscious in ecstatic love.

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This is one of the famous ‘Seven Goswami Temples’ that was established by Shri Rupa Goswami, who discovered the deity of Lord Govinda buried in the ground at the site where the majestic temple of Govindaji now stands. The deity of Govindaji was originally established five thousand years earlier by Krishna’s great grandson Vajranabha Maharaja, at the place known as the Govindaji yoga-pitha. The original deity of Govind Dev Ji had moved to Jaipur during Mughal Empire.

History of Govind Dev Ji:
Shri Rapa Goswami used to perform bhajan in a small hut behind the temple of Shri Radha Damodar in Sewa Kunj. Also, following the instruction of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, he wanted to manifest the deity of Shri Govinda that had previously been installed by Shri Vajranabha. Daily, Shri Rupa Goswami would perform the ten miles parikrama of Vrindavan. One day, during his parikrama, he became very restless thinking about the deity of Shri Govinda. He sat down under a tree on the bank of the Yamuna and wept, yearning for His Darshan. At that time, a beautiful Vrajwasi boy who was also doing parikrama walked past. He saw Shri Rupa Goswami weeping under the tree, and asked him why he was crying. At first, Rupa Goswami said nothing, but when the boy persisted, he revealed to Him the pain in his heart. The Brajwasi boy brought Rupa Goswami to Goma-Tila and said, “Please listen. Every day, just before noon, one cow comes to this mound, and irrigates this place with the milk from her udder. I think that your desire will be fulfilled here.” Saying this, the boy immediately disappeared.
Thinking of the beauty and sweet words of the boy, Shri Rupa Goswami fainted. Upon regaining consciousness, he called the neighbouring Brajwasis, who very carefully dug up the earth at that place. There, a little under the ground, was Shri Govindaji, more beautiful than millions of cupids. They bathed the deity with great ceremony. News of this spread quickly, and crowds of people gathered to take darshan of Shri Govindaji.
Before Shri Rupa Gosvami’s arrival in Shri Dhama Vrindavan, It so happened that a deity of Shri Radhika, who was present in the temple of Jagannatha in Puri-dhama at a place named Chakrabati, was being worshipped by everyone as Lakshmiji. Shri Radhika instructed the father of Maharaja Prataparudra, in a dream: “I am not Lakshmi; I am Radha, the beloved of Vrajendra Nandan Shri Krishna. I am waiting for the manifestation of Shri Govindadeva in Vrindavan. When He appears please send Me to Him with great care.” This deity, along with other deities of Shri Radhika, was later sent to Vrindavan with Shri Jahnava Thakurani, and the contemporary gosvamis placed this deity of Shri Radha to the left of Shri Govindadeva. After being united with Shri Radhika, Shri Govinda became famous by the name of Shri Radha-Govinda.

गोविन्द देव जी मंदिर आरती समय
मंगला आरती प्रातःकाल : 4 : 30 प्रातः से 5 : 45 प्रातः

धुप आरती प्रातःकाल : 8 : 15 संध्या से 9 : 30 संध्या

श्रृंगार आरती प्रातःकाल : 10 : 15 प्रातः से 11 : 00 प्रातः

राज भोग आरती प्रातःकाल : 11 : 45 दोपहर से 12 : 15 दोपहर

ग्वाल आरती प्रातःकाल : 5 : 30 संध्या से 6 : 00 संध्या

संध्याकाल : 6 : 30 संध्या से 7 : 45 संध्या

श्यान आरती रात्रि : 8 : 15 रात्रि से 9 : 15 रात्रि

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